Wedding Boat Pop-Up Greetings Card


Have you got a wedding day on the horizon?
Want to give the lovely couple a card that’s just as lovely? Well get them this wonderful Wedding Boat Pop-Up Card! It will certainly make your special greetings POP!

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CardPop’s Wedding Boat Pop-Up Greetings Card

As the boat decorated with beautiful flower arrangements floats through the cardstock river the couple in the balloon share a romantic moment together. The beautiful pastels of the composition perfectly balance with the bright fish and greenery. So if your loved one’s romantic connection is as vast as the ocean, then our Wedding Boat Pop-Up card is the perfect way to celebrate their love on their special day.

Designed with their special day in mind…

  • Our Wedding Boat Pop-Up Greetings Card is perfect for your partner, friend or family member on that special day! So whether it’s their wedding day, an Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or you just want to Say “I Love You”, this is the card for you!
  • We cut our cardstock to precision with a laser cutter but assemble each delicate piece by hand to add the extra personal touch to our cards!
  • Want to preserve the brilliant design? Well we’ve included an insert that slots into the right-hand side of the card. Just pull the tab to reveal the insert and get writing!
  • Don’t worry! All of our cards come with an envelope. So you don’t need to find one in your box of spare cards and envelopes! Plus we package each card in a cellophane wrapper to keep it protected.
  • Our cards are approximately 20cmx15cm when folded and 20cmx30cm when laid out flat. So there is plenty of room to write your special greetings!
  • You just need a single first or second-class stamp to get this baby to your desired loved one. You don’t need to pay for extra postage for this extra unique card!

A card for keeps!

It’s always disappointing to see cards being thrown away. So we have designed our amazing Pop-Up cards to be keepsakes. Whether the card is left open to reveal the wonderful boat or closed to display the beautiful cover, this card will definitely capture their hearts on their special day!


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Wedding Boat 3D Pop-Up Card UK
Wedding Boat Pop-Up Greetings Card