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Unicorn 3D Pop Up Birthday Cards

A legendary creature of extraordinary magical power, the unicorn is a mythical winged horse beloved across the world by adults and children alike.

While sightings might be rare, our beautiful handmade unicorn pop up birthday cards have captured their magic in astounding 3D pop-up glory.

Your friends and family will be enchanted by CardPop’s range of unicorn cards. Once these cards are opened, it’s like a fairy-tale panorama in your very hands. Often leaping towards a beaming rainbow, they make the perfect gift for a range of occasions, including birthdays, Valentine’s, well-wishes, special occasions or even just to say thank you.

CardPop takes great pride in offering the finest quality cards, handcrafted with an incredible 3D centrepiece sculpture that will amaze when opened. Each unique card cover is intricately laser-cut, and we also include an innovative insert note which sits in the side of the card. The note can be pulled out using the tab so you can write a handwritten, personal message without taking up space around the figure.

All of our cards are shipped with protective packaging and a perfectly sized envelope.

When you gift one of our cards, you’re giving your loved one a present they can cherish and admire forever. Pop-up birthday cards are a unique and fun way to show your appreciation to your loved ones for all occasions.

The Design Of Our Unicorn Cards

Card Cover

First impressions can be everything and that’s no different with birthday cards. With CardPop, you can expect something a little extra magical with every card you purchase!

Each one of our mythology-inspired unicorn pop-up birthday cards are complete with an intricate, laser-cut image on its cover. Vivid, bright and detailed, their striking design will add an enchanted touch to an already special day.

Our catalogue features cards to suit all ages. From colourful, cutesy girl’s unicorn card covers, to something a little more subtle & elegant for women’s birthdays.

Card Inside

To stand out from the pack, we ensure our popup unicorn cards offer something truly unforgettable for the recipient. Whether it’s for birthdays, special occasions or just to show your appreciation, the beautifully sculpted 3D unicorn figure inside the card is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

To create the impressive unicorn popup scene inside, our master craftsmen use special laser cutting techniques to map out the shape and then handcraft the sculpture. The unicorn is then glued to the centre of the card, ready to pop out while avoiding any damage.

One thing the 3D feature piece of our cards have in common is the elegant design of the animal. Colourful, graceful and often accompanied by a rainbow, every detail is included, from the gentle wings and pointed horn, to the puffy white fur and colourful mane.

Each one of our cards has a different, fun flair. Beautiful rainbows, puffy clouds and lush green forests. Each sculpture is like a wonderful piece of art ready to be discovered.

Cards Insert Note

Our cards aren’t just one-off presents for special occasions. With their impressive design and elaborate 3D popup figure, the unicorn birthday card makes for a stunning memento that can be kept as a centrepiece, or along with other prized possessions.

This is why we offer a pull-out insert note, where you can leave a handwritten, personal message without taking up space around the impressive sculpture inside. The note sits snugly into a pocket within the side of the card making it convenient and unobtrusive.

Who The Unicorn Cards Are For & When They Can Be Used?

Unlike traditional greetings cards, our unicorn popup cards are a gift to be cherished for a long time. CardPop products are made with high-quality materials and are beautifully crafted using pioneering laser-cutting techniques. So, when we say our unicorn cards are enchanting, we really do mean it.

With an unforgettable 3D sculpture inside, the card can be kept as a long-time souvenir. Family, friends & colleagues would adore this card so much, they will want to show it proudly in their homes and offices. Either by keeping it open, showing off the mystical figure inside, or closed with the illustration on show, the card will look at home on a mantlepiece, bookshelf or a desk.

The graceful unicorn 3D card can be gifted for a range of occasions and purposes, including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and much more. Best of all, our unicorn cards are suitable for all ages.

Our 3D unicorn popup cards are perfect for:


  • Girl’s birthdays
  • Women’s birthdays
  • Boy’s birthdays
  • Men’s birthdays

Special Occasions

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Engagement congratulations
  • Baby shower
  • Anniversaries
  • Promotion congratulations

Holiday Greetings

  • Christmas
  • Easter celebrations

Other Occasions

  • To say I love you
  • Sorry you’re leaving
  • Get well soon
  • Thank you
  • Thinking of you
  • A card to apologise
  • Celebrate passing a test
  • Wish you were here
  • Invitation cards

Unicorn Card Materials & Sizes

Materials & Quality

At CardPop, we pride ourselves on our excellence and passion for our products. Each card is made using the highest-quality paper, matched only by the excellent craftsmanship of the product from start to finish.

To capture the elegance of the unicorn, our cards are painstakingly handmade and feature a carefully cut illustration on its front cover, as well as the 3D figure on the inside.


Our cards measure in 7 x 5 when folded flat.

Insert Notes

A convenient, pull out paper insert sits inside the card, providing plenty of space for you to add a personal, handwritten message.


To ensure your card maintains its quality, we package all of our products in a sturdy poly bag. The blank envelope is also included inside.

What Is A Unicorn Popup Card & How Are They Made?

Inspired by the ancient art of origami and kirigami, popup cards are the next level of personalised greeting gifts.

Fun and expressive, the card’s centrepiece mythological unicorn sculpture is made by constructing multiple layers of laser cut paper slats. These are then hand-assembled to create the stunning 3D unicorn figure. Once built, the scene is then carefully placed inside the card.

When closed, the 3D sculpture folds together flat, avoiding any damage, ready to spring out again when next opened. The popup card comes with its own envelope and CardPop’s products feature a convenient insert note, so you have space to write a handwritten message.

Why Choose CardPop Unicorn Cards?

At, we take great pride in producing the best quality products that we would be happy to display in our own homes.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Each one of our cards is made with the finest imported Italian paper that come in a variety of vibrant colours. To produce each card, the 3D sculptures are superbly laser-cut and hand-assembled for a personal, unique touch.

We create cards that we love to see, with the best price on the market for the level of quality we offer. From creation and purchase, to packaging and delivery, we ensure great care is taken with your card.

We’re also a proud member of the Greeting Card Association.