Santa Decorating the Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card

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It’s not just our time to gather around the Christmas Tree…
… Santa also has a tree to decorate!

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Santa Decorating the Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card by CardPop

Are you looking for a card that will make your season’s greetings POP this Christmas? Well you have found the perfect card for that with our Santa Decorating the Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card! From the perfectly decorated tree all the way down to Santa’s angelic helpers, this card is sure to come out of your loved one’s loft next Christmas too! So send your loved one a card full of Christmas spirit this festive season and watch their faces light up like a Christmas Tree!

Designed with your festive greetings in mind…

  • Our Santa Decorating the Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card is the perfect card to send to any of your loved ones this Christmas. Whether they’re young or old or in between, they will be delighted to receive such a unique card through the post!
  • Here at CardPop, we assemble each delicate piece of cardstock by hand into this wonderful design. So your loved ones will be brought joy on their special day!
  • Want to preserve the brilliant design? Well we’ve included an insert that slots into the right-hand side of the card. Just pull the tab to reveal the insert and get writing!
  • Don’t worry! All of our cards come with an envelope so you don’t need to find one in your box of spare cards and envelopes!
  • We package each card in a cellophane wrapper. So your card is protected as it travels through the postal system to you.
  • Our cards are approximately 20cmx15cm when folded and 20cmx30cm when laid out flat. So there is plenty of room to write your season’s greetings!

A card and a Christmas decoration rolled into one!

Here at CardPop, we love card-giving. So, we have designed cards that will not only enhance any greeting but be a keepsake for anyone who receives it. All of our Christmas cards double as decorations that your loved ones can get out every Festive Season! Because a card this cute could never go in the bin!


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Santa Decorating the Christmas Tree 3D Pop-Up Card UK
Santa Decorating the Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card
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