New Baby Boy Blue Cot Pop Up Card


Perfect to Celebrate The Birth of a Baby Boy, Expecting Parents and Pregnancy Congratulations.

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New Baby Boy Blue Cot 3D Pop Up Card

A Special Gift For One Of Life’s Special Occasions

Nothing in life even comes close to beating the feeling parents experience when welcoming a newborn into the big, wide world!

Nine months of excitement, love, meticulous preparation and anticipation all leads to an outburst of pure happiness, love and raw emotion.
Truly a feeling that is yet to be rivalled!

Such a precious occasion should be marked with a special card, a card that acts as a keepsake for many years to come.

Proven to mesmerise, captivate and entertain.
Not only do they look amazing, but they serve as a perfect memento for such precious moments!

Although the cover is beautiful by itself, the magic begins when you open it.

Congratulations New Baby Boy Blue Cot 3D Pop Up Cards UK
What once seemed like a standard, generic card now blossoms into life, complete with a cot full of intricate details including a bottle, teddy bear and a sprinkling of twinkling stars!

The card boasts a light blue finish, combined with a cream inside, both well researched to induce a state of calm/relaxation.

Congratulations New Baby Boy Blue Cot 3D Pop Up Cards UK

Perfect for:

  • Celebrate the birth of a baby boy
  • Expecting parents & pregnancy congratulations
  • Your own son’s birthday!
  • Baby showers!
  • Friends with a newborn!
  • Grandchildren!
  • Family Members
  • Your wife or husband
  • Your sister or brother

A newborn deserves the best, and that’s why our cards are designed to be smooth, sophisticated and most importantly, surprising!

The teeny, tiny hands, the silky soft skin, and gleaming smile of innocence are just some of the reasons why such moments are cherished by parents.
And what better way to do that than a long lasting memory of such a special time!

Place an order today and celebrate the birth of a special new born baby boy!

Congratulations New Baby Boy Blue Cot 3D Pop Up Cards UK


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