Mother & Daughter Unicorn & Rainbow Pop Up Card


Perfect for Girl’s, Daughters & Women’s Birthdays, Mother’s Day & to Say I Love You.

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Mother & Daughter Unicorn & Rainbow 3D Pop Up Card

Unicorns are a beloved mythical animal that are truly magical and while we can’t guarantee they would make the perfect pet, we know that our handmade unicorn cards are something truly special.

Enchant your friends and family with this beautifully crafted pop up card. The card is coloured in soft pink hues, decorated with a double love heart depicting two unicorns either side of a bouquet of flowers. Open the card to reveal a charming pop up scene of the two unicorns playing beneath a beautiful rainbow on a fluffy pink cloud.

We take pride in ensuring the best quality goes into our Unicorn pop up cards, as well as the best care. We package all of our cards in poly bags during transit with the envelope safely tucked inside.

The Design of Our Mother & Daughter Unicorn & Rainbow Pop Up Card

Card Cover

Immediately capturing attention with its adorable design, the cover of this card features a delicate pink background, with the image of two unicorns in a double love heart. The unicorns are facing each other, sitting either side of a colourful collection of flowers.

The detailed image is laser-cut and attached to the card, a beautiful piece of work ready to be opened.

Card Inside

The true magic of our cards lies right in the centre, unfolding into an intricate and gorgeous 3D scene before your very eyes.

The recipient will fall in love with the colourful sculpture, which is made of many interweaving laser-cut pieces of card and then hand-assembled. The figure depicts two white unicorns playing on top of a cloud, while a rainbow and love hearts hover above them. The subtle touches on the figure, like the unicorn’s tail and head-garments, the flower either side of the rainbow, just add to this beautiful scene.

Our 3D sculptures are glued to the centre of the card and folded flat to avoid damage when closed. 

Card’s Insert Note

All of our designs are made to impress, with unique styles that can be presented open or closed. It’s because of this we decided to add a subtle insert note into the side of the card, this is where you can write your personal messages.

Who The Unicorn & Rainbow Cards Are For & Occasion Cards Can Be Used

We offer a wide range of cards designed to suit a variety of occasions and events. The beauty of this card is that it can be gifted for a number of reasons and, unlike traditional greeting cards, you’re giving something truly unique and inspiring.

Family and friends will love this cute design and will want to show it at every opportunity they get either opened or closed. We think these cards are great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, engagement congratulations, anniversaries and much more.

Our 3D pop up two unicorn rainbow cards are perfect for:


  • Girl’s birthdays
  • Women’s birthdays
  • Boy’s birthdays
  • Men’s birthdays

Special Occasions

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Engagement congratulations
  • Baby shower
  • Anniversaries
  • Promotion congratulations

Holiday Greetings

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter celebrations

Other Occasions

  • To say I love you
  • Sorry you’re leaving
  • Get well soon
  • Thank you
  • Thinking of you
  • A card to apologise
  • Celebrate passing a test
  • Wish you were here
  • Invitation cards


Unicorn Card Materials, Sizes Packaging

Materials & Quality

At CardPop, we pride ourselves on our quality, attention to detail and passion for our products. Our cards are made using the best quality paper, imported from Italy and used by our master craftsmen to create incredible 3D sculptures, using advanced laser-cutting techniques, as well as origami and kirigami.


The unicorn card measures in 7 x 5 when folded flat.

Insert Notes

Our cards feature a handy insert note which slots neatly into the side of the card. Here, you can write personal hand-written messages without using space around the 3D sculpture.


To ensure your card maintains its quality, we package all of our products in a sturdy poly bag. The blank envelope is also included inside.

What Are Our Unicorn Pop Up Cards? And How Are They Made?

Our pop up 3D Unicorn cards are inspired by the art of origami and kirigami, an ancient form of paper folding, which is partnered with advanced laser-cutting techniques to create our stunning sculptures inside.

Colourful and unique, each one is handmade and consists of complex multi-layered pieces of card. Once complete, they are glued to the centre and fold flat easily when closed. Our cards also come complete with a discrete insert tab in the side of the card and made-to-fit envelope.

Why Choose CardPop’s Unicorn 3D Cards?

We take great pride in offering superb quality cards at a great price, designed to suit a range of occasions including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and much more.

All of our cards are made using high-quality art paper imported from Italy and we hold ourselves to high standards, ensuring that each card design and construction matches our ambition. The 3D pop-up structures are made by hand, taking many laser-cut pieces of card and turning them into beautifully intricate pieces of art.

We’re also members of the Greeting Card Association and apply the same level of care to every stage of production, including well-protected delivery packages.


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