Married Couple at the Wedding Altar Pop Up Card


Perfect for Weddings, Engagement Congratulations, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries & “I love you”

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Married Couple At The Wedding Altar 3D Pop Up Card

At CardPop, we believe in the power of love and our objective is to capture that magic in the form of our beautifully crafted 3D pop up wedding cards. This beautiful wedding ceremony card’s cover perfectly sets the scene, depicting a soon-to-be husband and wife stood beneath a gorgeous wooden altar, surrounded by flowers and candles.

Open the pop up wedding card and the image becomes an astounding 3D sculpture of the couple stood in a lush garden constructed from multi-layered, laser-cut pieces of card. The bride and groom are stood holding a bouquet of flowers and flanked by floral decorations.

A handy pull-out tab can be found in the right hand-side of the card. Here, you can leave hand-written messages without writing over the scene inside.

The Design of Our Married Couple at The Wedding Altar Pop Up Card

Card Cover

Set on a delicate yellow background, the cover of this wedding card is a beautiful piece of artwork that immediately catches the eye.

Laser-cut into the cover, the scene describes a man and wife holding a bouquet of flowers beneath a rustic wooden altar, decorated with a delightful floral arrangement. This heart-touching image is sure to capture the magic of the special day.

Card Inside

As beautiful as the cover is, once the recipient opens the card, they will fall in love with the design and concept of pop up cards. Made of multi-layered slats of laser-cut art paper, the 3D sculpture within the card pops out when opened.

Guaranteed to put a smile on the bride and groom’s face, the artful, vibrant centrepiece of the card features the happy couple stood beneath the wooden altar. They are holding a bouquet of flowers, surrounded by beautiful white floral decorations and a soft green backdrop.

Our 3D card designs are hand-assembled by master craftsmen to ensure high-quality finishes. This also means that each pop up card is truly unique and a fun flair.

Card’s Insert Note

With their striking designs and elaborate 3D figures, our married couple at the wedding altar pop up cards are gifts that can be kept and cherished alongside other prized possessions.

It’s for this reason we provide an insert-tab, hidden discretely within the side of the wedding card. Here you can write personal messages without having to write over the background inside.

Who The Wedding Cards Are for & Occasions?

Unlike traditional wedding cards, our magical married couple at the wedding altar pop up cards are a gift designed to catch the splendour of a special day in a unique way. Crafted using advanced laser-cutting techniques and hand assembled, the 3D pop-out sculpture in the centre of the pop up card is a piece of art to be kept as a long-time souvenir.

With their irresistible class, these cards are perfect for the newly wedded couple in your life. The sculpture inside the card will forever be a reminder of their love and the card can be kept closed, or open.

Our couple at the altar cards are perfect for:

  • Wedding celebrations
  • Engagement congratulations
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversaries
  • Wish you were here
  • To say ‘I love you’

The Cards Materials, Size & Packaging

Materials & Quality

This beautiful pop up wedding card is made using the finest art paper imported from Italy. The craftmanship matches the tools, as skilled hands construct the central 3D sculpture from multiple laser-cut pieces.

Card Sizes

The card measures in 7 x 5 when folded flat.

Insert Notes

Our pop up cards feature a handy insert note which slots neatly into the side of the card. Here, you can write personal hand-written messages without using space around the 3D sculpture.


To ensure your card maintains its quality, we package all of our products in a sturdy poly bag. The blank envelope is also included inside.

What Are Our Wedding Pop Up Cards? How Are They Made

Inspired by the ancient art of origami and kirigami practices, our pop-up 3D cards are the future of greeting cards. Vibrant, colourful and unique, our married couple at the wedding altar popup cards feature a beautiful 3D structure at the centre of the card made of multiple layers of interweaving, laser-cut slats. The sculpture is hand-assembled and glued to the page in a way that avoids damage when the card is closed.

For convenience, a pull-out tab sits snuggly in the side and every card comes complete with its own colour-coordinated envelope.

Why Choose CardPop’s Pop Up Wedding Cards?

At CardPop, we believe in offering high-quality products that we would be just as proud to see in our own homes.

All of our 3d wedding cards are made with excellent art-paper, imported from Italy in a wide variety of colours. We take the time to design and test our 3D sculptures, making sure they meet our high standards. They are made by master craftsmen, who take individual laser-cut pieces of card and transform them into majestic centrepieces, like our fabulous married couple at the altar.

We ensure great care is taken with your wedding card during transport, by packaging them into a sturdy poly bag.


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Married Couple At The Wedding Altar 3D Pop Up Card
Married Couple at the Wedding Altar Pop Up Card