Love Swans Pop-Up Greetings Card


Are you looking for an adorable way to say “I love you” to a special someone?
Well you’ve found it with our wonderfully beautiful Love Swans Pop-Up Card. We’re positive it will steal their heart!

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CardPop’s Love Swans Pop-Up Greetings Card

Universal symbols of love and beauty, love swans are the perfect creatures to adorn an anniversary card, wedding card destined for a loving couple. Our beautiful, handcrafted Love Swans Pop-Up Greetings Card feature a delicate, laser-cut feature of the two swans framed by two pastel pink cherry blossoms, whilst a mesmerising 3D model of the same two swans bowing their heads on a river scene to form a love heart pops out from centre. It’s the perfect celebration of love!

A card unlike any other…

  • Our Love Swans Pop-Up Greetings Card is perfect for your partner, friend or family member on that special day! So whether it’s their wedding day, an Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or you just want to Say “I Love You”, this is the card for you!
  • We assemble each piece of intricately cut piece of cardstock by hand so that our production is that much more personal!
  • Want to preserve the brilliant design? Well we’ve included an insert that slots into the right-hand side of the card. Just pull the tab to reveal the insert and get writing!
  • Don’t worry! All of our cards come with an envelope. So you don’t need to find one in your box of spare cards and envelopes! Plus we package each card in a cellophane wrapper to keep it protected.
  • Our cards are approximately 12.5cmx17.5cm when folded and 25cmx17.5cm when lying flat. So there is plenty of room to write your special greetings!
  • You just need a single first or second-class stamp to get this baby to your desired loved one. You don’t need to pay for extra postage for this extra unique card!

More than a card…

Our cards are more than just a piece of cardstock… They’re a delightful gift for you to give to your friends and family! We’re positive that once your loved one receives one of our Pop-Up cards, they will be leaving it up on display for much longer than any other card. This piece of art will certainly have a spot on their mantelpiece, bookshelf or desk for years to come!


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Love Swans 3D Pop-Up Card UK
Love Swans Pop-Up Greetings Card