Just Married Wedding Car Pop Up Card

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Perfect for Wedding Celebrations, Engagement Congratulations, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries and To Say “I Love You”

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Just Married Wedding Car 3D Pop Up Card

This beautiful range of just married pop-up cards are the perfect celebratory gift for any newlywed couple. Featuring a sparkling, golden cover, the card is made using high quality paper and includes an intricate, laser-cut 3D depiction of a stylish wedding car being driven by the new happy couple.

An enchanting card for a special day, the wedding card pops up when opened in glorious 3D fashion, with vibrant colours and a subtle decoration on the wheels and hood. There is also a delightful golden image of two rings and a camera in the lower end of the card. A pull-out tab is hidden discretely within the side of the card.

We pride ourselves on our high-end quality, with attention to detail and fun designs. Show your love for the happy couple with this touching gift that can be cherished forever.

The Design of The Just Married Wedding Car Pop Up Card

Card Cover

Immediately striking, the cover of our just married card is in a stunning gold colour, bathed in sparkling glitter, sure to stand out from the pack when gifted to a newly married couple.

Each one of our cards features a classy, laser-cut image of a wedding car, in a soft blue and white palette. The image is completed by the happy couple holding their arms out, with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a top hat in the other.

Card Inside

What sets CardPop’s range of gifts apart from traditional greetings cards is the masterful centrepiece found within each and every product. In this case, a stunning 3D sculpture of the wedding car depicted on the cover.

Once opened, the car springs from the centre of the page, sitting on a simple white background and framed by greenery. The car is constructed of individually laser-cut pieces, which are then hand-assembled by our craftsmen to ensure excellent quality of build. Once constructed, the figure is then glued to the page in a way so as to avoid any damage when the card is closed.

Card’s Insert Note

Ensuring the art within our cards remain the centrepiece of our products is important to us. This is why we include an insert note, where you can leave a personal handwritten message without detracting from the 3D figure. The note slides into a pocket within the side of the card.

Who The Just Married Wedding Car Cards Are For & Occasion

Our 3D pop-up just married cards make the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple. The breath-taking 3D car figure inside is made with quality in mind, designed to be cherished for a long time as part of a happy memory.

With a style that’s made to be on show, these cards look at home on a mantlepiece, shelf or desk at home or in the office, both open with the 3D sculpture propped up, or closed with its pioneering laser-cut cover.

Our just married car card is perfect for:

  • Wedding celebrations
  • Engagement congratulations
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversaries
  • To say ‘I love you’

The Cards Materials, Size & Packaging

Materials & Quality

The just married card is made of high-quality art paper imported from Italy. Our master craftsmen use only the finest materials to handmake our beautiful 3D pop-up cards, including the intricate figure inside, which is constructed from interweaving, laser-cut slats.

Card Sizes

Our cards measure in 7 x 5 when folded flat.

Insert Notes

Our cards feature a handy insert note which slots neatly into the side of the card. Here, you can write personal hand-written messages without using space around the 3D sculpture.


We package all of our products in sturdy poly bags with the envelope. This is perfect for preventing damage and maintaining the integrity of the card.

What Are Our Just Married Wedding Car Pop Up Cards? And How Are They Made?

Pop-up cards are a step away from the generic greeting’s cards of the past. Vibrant and unique, they are a stunning gift for special events and occasions. Our cards are made from the finest materials and take inspiration from origami and kirigami in their design.

Complex layers of laser-cut pieces are hand assembled to create the just married car and then carefully glued to the centre of the page. When closed, the 3D sculpture folds flat, avoiding damage, ready to be opened again. Our cards come with an envelope, a convenient pull-out tab for handwritten messages and sturdy poly packaging.

Why Choose CardPop’s Just Married Wedding Car Pop Up Cards?

At CardPop, we pride ourselves on our quality of build and our intriguing designs. Proud members of the Greeting Card Association, we create cards for a range of occasions and events to add an extra sprinkling of sparkle.

All of our cards are made with the finest imported art paper, coming in a variety of colours and we choose designs we would want to see in our own homes. Each card features a 3D-popup sculpture in its centre, superbly laser-cut and hand assembled for a personal, unique touch.

From creation, to development and shipment we provide the best service at the most competitive price on the market and we love what we do.


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Just Married Wedding Car 3D Pop Up Card UK
Just Married Wedding Car Pop Up Card
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