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Horse Pop-Up Greetings Cards by CardPop

We weren’t foaling around when we said we had the perfect cards for you!

We reckon our Horses are perfect for boys & girls, men & women of all shapes, sizes and ages!

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, saying “Good Luck” & “Thank you” or have any other sort of special occasion coming up, our cards are perfect for you.

All of our handmade, 3D Pop-Up Greetings Cards, including our Horses, are crafted with premium cardstock sourced from Italy and Japan.

Not only will you be satisfied with the amazing products we have, but your friends and family will be receiving a keepsake when you send them one of our cards.

If you’re wanting to see more of our designs, head over to some of our other collections. We have a plethora of themes waiting for you, all you have to do is click!