Happy Birthday Pop Up Card


Perfect for Boy’s, Girl’s, Men’s and Women’s Birthdays.

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Happy Birthday 3D Pop Up Card

No birthday is complete without a touching card to let the recipient know you really are thinking about them.

This vibrant, colourful pop up card does just that, with a burst of balloons, candles and fireworks. The card cover is simple and elegant, wishing ‘happy birthday’ in big bold colours.

Open the card to reveal a three-dimensional treat for the senses, with multi-coloured balloons, fireworks and more.

The background of the card is in a simple white palette, while a handy pull-out tab can be found on the right side of the page. Here, you can leave handwritten personal messages and slide it neatly back in out of sight.

The Design of the Happy Birthday Pop Up Card

Card Cover

Set against a cream background, the cover of this card has a colourful, but simple design that leaps from the page.

Laser-cut into the cover, a big happy birthday wish is surrounded by balloons, stars and candles in a colourful fashion. A classic that is sure to capture the magic of the special day.

Card Inside

Our cards offer a little something extra to make them really stand out from the crowd. When opened, a 3D birthday message springs from the centre, featuring a celebratory happy birthday wish in big, bold colours surrounded by swathes of balloons, stars, fireworks and confetti.

The centrepiece is handcrafted and assembled, made up of interweaving slats of paper that connect seamlessly. The sculpture is built in a way so as to avoid any damage, folding flat when the card is closed.

There is also a convenient pull-out note tab that slots into a pocket in the side of the card. Write your personal message and slide it back into the sleeve when you’re finished for a seamless appearance.

Card’s Insert Note

Presentation, quality and consistency are traits we value at CardPop, and we try to carry this over into our designs. We want our cards to be kept as prized possessions. So, we added a discrete pull-out tab to our cards. Here you can write personal messages and slide the tab back into its sleeve.

Who The Happy Birthday Cards Are For & Occasion

What occasions do these cards suit best? Birthdays of course! Designed to make special occasions even more perfect. Unlike traditional greetings cards, our cards offer something unique with a superior quality of build and striking designs.

Crafted using advanced laser-cutting techniques and hand-crafted by experts, the 3D pop-up sculpture in the centre is a special piece of artwork for the birthday boy or girl. You can keep the card open, presenting the figure or closed with the birthday wishes front and centre on the card cover.

This card is suitable for:

  • Boy’s & girl’s birthdays
  • Men and women’s birthdays

The Cards Materials, Size & Packaging

Materials & Quality

We pride ourselves on our quality of build, our attention to detail and our catalogue of excellent designs. Each card is intricately made and hand-built to ensure high-quality products.

Our cards are made with the finest art paper imported from Italy, coming in a variety of colours depending on the theme of the card. Laser-cut front cover decals and intricate 3D sculptures in the centre are signatures of ours, handmade and painstakingly assembled so that you’re giving the best gift possible.

Card Sizes

Our cards measure in 7 x 5 when folded flat.

Insert Notes

For convenience, a pull-out paper insert can be found in a snug pocket in the side of the card. You can find plenty of space to write a personal handwritten message here.


To avoid any damage in transit, every one of our cards are packed in study poly-bags with a blank envelope tucked inside.

What is a Happy Birthday Pop Up Card & How Are They Made?

Pop-up cards are a modern take on the classic greetings card format. Using the ancient art of origami and kirigami, our cards are handcrafted and assembled by master builders. Fun and expressive, each one features a laser-cut front cover of the happy birthday message, with bright colours and aesthetics.

The 3D sculpture inside the card is made using interweaving slats of paper, carefully pieced together by our experts who then glue it to the centre of the card in a way that prevents it from being damaged. When the card is opened, the figure springs from the page as a delightful surprise for the recipient.

Why Choose CardPop’s Happy Birthday Pop Up Cards?

We ensure expert craftsmanship & quality of care are two key ingredients of each and every one of our cards. From the concept and design, down to the manufacturing and shipping. We oversee every step to guarantee the best result.

All of our cards are made using the finest materials imported from Italy, using advanced laser-cutting techniques to form the card cover design.

We make the type of cards we would love to see ourselves, with the best price on the market for the level of quality we provide. We are also proud members of the Greetings Card Association.


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