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Guitar Pop-Up Greetings Cards by CardPop

Did any of our Pop-Up Guitars strike a chord with you? If they did, then don’t hesitate to send it to your loved one!

We’re positive they will love receiving a Guitar through the post!

Our handmade, 3D Pop-Up Guitar-Themed Greetings Cards are perfect for guitarists, son’s & daughter’s, girl’s & boy’s, mum’s & dad’s and women’s & men’s birthdays.

They are also great as Good Luck, Thank You, and Anniversary cards, or for celebrating any other special occasion.

So commemorate your occasions with one of our cards today!

Here at CardPop, we use only the finest materials from Italy and Japan to make cards with unique designs so that your card-giving can be an experience.

Our cards are more than a piece of cardstock – they are a piece of art. Let others experience that art by choosing CardPop for all your greetings card needs today!

Want more CardPop cards for your other up-coming special occasions? Well we have you covered!

Our amazing range of Pop-Up cards are here to convey your greetings.

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