Flower Bride Pop Up Card

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Perfect for Wedding Celebrations, Engagement Congratulations, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries and To Say “I Love You”

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Flower Bride 3D Pop Up Card

Weddings are a life-changing event, they’re the start of a new chapter in both people’s lives, so it seems only right that the card you choose should reflect the beauty of the day.

For something truly special, this unique and enchanting floral bride wedding day pop up card will blow the recipient away. The front of the card is bathed in a soft pink hue, with the laser-cut image of a new bride in her long white and red dress. Open the card to find a three-dimensional sculpture of the bride holding a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful dress punctuated with red swirls. The background also has a water-colour effect with soft strokes of red and pink.

In addition to this, there is also a handy pull-out tab so as not to detract from this stunning feature piece. Here you can write your personal message and slot it back into its subtle sleeve.

The Design of Our Flower Bride Pop Up Card

Card Cover

Strikingly beautiful, the cover of the card sets the tone for what you will inside once opened. A delicate pink background provides the right setting for the laser-cut depiction of a bride.

With her long flowing red and white dress and holding a bouquet of red flowers, she looks ready to start the next exciting chapter in her life.

Card Inside

The true magic of this card lies within its pages. Opening out like a fairy-tale book, the lady from the cover now stands in 3D beauty, with her dress given more detail with its red swirls. Holding a bouquet of flowers and a subtle head piece, she looks like she’s walking down to the aisle to meet the groom.

The background also captures the mood perfectly, with its watercolour effect. Here you can find soft strokes of red and pink forming artistic flowers.

The 3D figure folds perfectly flat when the card is closed, and there is also a pull-out tab so you don’t have to write on the colourful background.

Card’s Insert Note

With a card as breath-taking as this, we didn’t want to detract from the art in any way. This is why we added a convenient pull-out tab that slots into the side of the page. Simply take it out, write your personal message and slot it back into its sleeve.

Who The Flower Bride Cards Are For & Occasion Cards Can Be Used

There’s no mistaking this enchanting card is designed to be given as a wedding gift. The bride is central on its front cover and blossoms into a 3D figure once the card is opened, with her dress flowing into the water coloured red and pink background.

The bride and groom will adore this card. The perfect symbol of their perfect day, captured in the beauty of a piece of art.

Our 3D flower bride cards are suitable for:

  • Wedding celebrations
  • Engagement congratulations
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversaries
  • To say ‘I love you’

The Cards Materials, Size & Packaging

Materials & Quality

At CardPop, we pride ourselves on our care and quality with each and every one of our cards. Our passion is in our product and we use only the finest art paper imported from Italy to ensure this comes to fruition.

We also collaborate with the finest craftsmen, who hand-build and assemble the 3D structure at the centre of the card down to the finest detail.

Card Sizes

The card measures in 7 x 5 when folded flat.

Insert Notes

Our cards feature a handy insert note which slots neatly into the side of the card. Here, you can write personal hand-written messages without using space around the 3D sculpture.


To ensure your card maintains its quality, we package all of our products in a sturdy poly bag. The blank envelope is also included inside.

What Are Our Floral Bride Pop Up Cards? And How Are They Made?

Our unique 3D popup cards are inspired by the ancient art of origami and kirigami, an ancient form of paper cutting. Mixed with advanced laser cutting techniques and hand-assembled 3D sculptures, it means our cards are truly unique.

Colourful and unique, each one of our cards has its own style and colour, with its own laser-cut front cover. The 3D scene in each card is stuck to the page in a way that it can seamlessly fold flat when closed, avoiding damage. Our cards also come with a fitted envelope and a pull-out tab for your written wishes.

Why Choose CardPop’s Floral Bride Pop Up Cards?

When you choose to buy a card for a special occasion such as a wedding, you want to ensure you’re buying from a proven trader with a quality track record. At CardPop, we ensure all of our cards have a high-quality of care and design, with faultless hand-assembled 3D scenes hidden inside.

We’re members of the Greetings Card Association and, as such, we want to use the best quality materials and builders. That’s why we use the finest art-paper imported from Italy and we work closely with our craftsmen on designs and finishes.

We also ensure that all of our cards are perfect on delivery, sealed within sturdy bags.


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Flower Bride 3D Pop Up Card UK
Flower Bride Pop Up Card
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