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Dinosaur Birthday Cards by CardPop

Our range of dinosaur cards take you back to the fearsome Jurassic period, when these prehistoric beasts roamed the Earth. Today, the only trace left of them are rare fossils and our unique range of dinosaur birthday cards.

Bring the cretaceous period to life with our pop up dinosaur cards. Any aspiring geologist, palaeontologist, or dino-mad fan are sure to love our selection. Each card is hand-made, with a delightful 3D sculpture depicting some of the most popular dinosaurs, including the carnivorous T-Rex, the herbivore Stegosaurus and the long-necked Barosaurus. Our personalised dinosaur cards are ideal for many occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, retirement wishes, graduation celebrations and much more.

The cover of each dinosaur pop up card features an intricate laser-cut image on a colourful background. Once the card is opened, a stunning 3D figure of the dinosaur opens out, sure to amaze any recipient of all ages. The statues are made using carefully designed paper slats that connect together. The result is a high-quality 3D figure that seamlessly folds flat when the card is closed.

CardPop are pleased to introduce our selection of handmade dinosaur cards. We pride ourselves on our quality, using only the finest materials to create the most unique pop up cards in the UK. Each one of our products comes complete with protective packaging and a size-appropriate envelope.

The Design Of Our Dinosaur Cards

Card Cover

Set on simple, colourful backgrounds, the front cover of each dinosaur card features a carefully crafted, laser-printed image.

With each dinosaur comes a different colour and a unique design. Our variety of cards include the shimmering green barosaurus card and the vibrant yellow Stegosaurus card, both with simple yet artful depictions of the dinosaurs on the front cover. For a more playful dino-scene, our T-rex cards feature a cute baby next to a palm tree and egg on darker backgrounds.

A dinosaur birthday card is suitable for all ages. From more mature designs, to playful child-friendly covers, particularly for an adventurous son, or grandson.

Card’s Inside

Whether it’s your son or grandson’s birthday, an anniversary, or just to say thank you, we know you want the recipient to feel extra special. That’s where CardPop’s handmade cards excel. Unlike traditional cards, you’re gifting a unique present that includes an incredibly detailed 3D dinosaur card design at its centre.

Dinosaurs, like the biped velociraptors, capture the imagination of boys and girls, both young and old and you won’t need to excavate trace fossils to share their magic. When you open one of our cards, an impressive surprise in the shape of a 3D figure pops up. To create these sculptures, our experts use the ancient art of origami and special laser cutting techniques to first map and then cut the individual slats. The cretaceous reptile is then handcrafted and glued to the centre of the page.

You don’t need to worry about damage to the 3D figure. They are purposely made to fold flat when the card is closed, a wonderful piece of art just for you.

Card Insert Note

Unlike traditional 2D cards, we create unique gifts that can be treasured forever. We want the 3D centrepiece figure to stand out, so the recipient can keep it as a stunning keepsake open or closed.

Our cards make use of an innovative insert note that can be pulled out using a little tab. Here, you can write your personalised messages, leaving the centre of the page clear.

Who The Cards Are For & Occasion

Our cards are more than just a throwaway social convention. With CardPop’s personalised dinosaur birthday cards, you’re gifting a present that will be cherished for a lifetime. The beauty is that our birthday cards can be gifted to all ages, for both boys and girls, men and women. They can also be used as dinosaur Valentine’s cards, dinosaur wedding cards and even baby shower cards.

Each handmade card has a magical jurassic 3D sculpture at its centre, just waiting to be opened. We predict your family, friends and especially grandsons and sons will love the card so much they will show it proudly on their mantle piece, on desks, bookshelves or on their wall. Just make sure to keep them away from any incoming meteorite!

With our pop up cards, you also have the option to leave the card open, with the figure out, or closed showing the laser-illustrated cover.

Dinosaurs might be extinct, but their appeal has always peaked interest far and wide, capturing the imagination of children celebrating their 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthdays, all the way up to men and women celebrating a 50th, 60th or 70th birthday. We also recommend our dinosaur range as graduation cards, dinosaur anniversary card and even fun Christmas cards, to name just a few examples.

Our 3D Dinosaur Pop Up Cards Are Perfect For:


  • Dad’s birthday card
  • Husband birthday card
  • Son’s birthday card
  • Grandson’s birthday card
  • Mum’s birthday card
  • Wife’s birthday card
  • Daughter’s birthday card
  • Granddaughter’s birthday card

Special Occasions

  • Father’s Day card
  • Mother’s Day card
  • Graduation card
  • Baby shower card
  • Retirement card
  • Anniversary card
  • Leaving card

Holiday Greetings

  • Valentine’s Day card
  • Christmas card
  • Halloween
  • Easter

Other Occasions

  • To say I love you
  • Get well soon
  • Dinosaur Thank you card
  • Thinking of you
  • To say I’m sorry
  • Celebrate passing a test
  • Wish you were here
  • Birthday invitation card

Dinosaur Card Materials & Sizes

Materials & Quality

We implement the same level of high-quality craftsmanship across each and every one of our greeting’s cards.

Our 3D dinosaur birthday cards are no different. We use only the finest paper and card material in our designs. Each piece is individually cut and painstakingly crafted together to form the skeleton of the dinosaur. This, paired with the striking illustration on the cover, make for a perfect gift.


Our cards measure in 7 x 5 when folded flat.

Insert Notes

A convenient, pull out paper insert sits inside the card, providing plenty of space for you to add a personal, handwritten message.


To ensure your card maintains its quality, we package all of our products in a sturdy poly bag. The blank envelope is also included inside.

What Is A Dinosaur Pop Up Card & How Are They Made?

A fantastic twist on the traditional 2D card, a pop up dinosaur card is fun and a dynamic gift inspired by the art of origami and kirigami.

The real charm in our dinosaur birthday cards are the beautiful 3D sculptures that lie in wait within the centre of the card. Once opened, the dinosaur springs up like a predator hunting its prey and folds perfectly flat when closed. The scenes are created by connecting individual slats of paper which have been laser-cut for absolute accuracy.

Once they are hand assembled, they are then glued to the centre of the page, taking great care to position them so that the cold-blooded dinosaur gently collapses flat to avoid damage. Our range of cards also come with an eloquent laser-cut front cover, a discrete pull-out tab and an envelope.

Why Choose CardPop’s Dinosaur Birthday Cards?

Established in 2019, CardPop is a UK based company that prides itself on its attention to high-quality products. We go that extra mile in everything we do, from the creation stage, all the way up to the care of packaging when you purchase one of our products.

Each card is made using premium paper imported from Italy and we believe in creating designs we would love to see ourselves at an affordable price for the level of quality we offer.

We’re trusted members  of the Greeting Card Association and we have a range of dinosaur cards suitable for all kinds of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, retirement and much more.