Couple of Love Swans Pop Up Card


Perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, to say “I Love You”, or Birthdays.

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Couple of Love Swans 3D Pop Up Card

Universal symbols of love and beauty, love swans are the perfect creatures to adorn an anniversary card, wedding card destined for a loving couple.

Our beautiful handcrafted pop-up cards feature a delicate, laser-cut feature of the two swan birds surrounded by a love heart on the front cover, and a pale-yellow themed background.

Match the perfect day with the perfect love card.

When opened, a mesmerising 3D model pops open of the two swans bowing their heads on a river scene, constructed using carefully cut slats that are then hand assembled.

We offer the finest designs, using only the best quality products so you can give a timeless present that will be cherished forever.

Pop up cards are a unique and fun way to show your love and appreciation.

The Design Of Our Love Swans Pop Up Card

Card Cover

Set to impress, each one of our swan cards cover features a magical laser-cut image of the swans in a striking design.

One black and one white sit on a river, atop pink flowers in a love-heart shape.

The scene is set on a soft-yellow background, allowing the image to pop from the cover.

Card Inside

Something special awaits in each and every one of our pop up cards, and this design is no different.

When opened, a 3D, pop-up scene springs from the centre of two swans meeting each other on a wavy river of pink flowers.

Their heads and necks are angled to make a love heart.

To complete the scene, there is also a delicate pink undertone and a 3D river bed of reeds and grass.

To create this magical diorama, our master craftsmen cut each individual slat using advanced laser technology.

These pieces are then hand constructed into the sculpture and carefully placed in the centre of the card so as to avoid damage and bending.

Colourful and graceful, the swan piece is a truly beautiful gift to a beautiful couple on their special day.

Card Insert Note

At CardPop, we know you value presentation and consistency as much as the quality of the work.

Our cards are pieces of art that can be cherished with other prized possessions.

This is why we provide a convenient pull-out insert note, where you can leave a personalised handwritten message without taking up space or detracting from the swan sculpture.

The note sits in a snug, discrete pocket in the side of the card and is easy to pull out and place back in.

Who the Love Swan Cards Are For & Occasions?

Unlike traditional greetings mementos, our cards offer something different and unique, with excellent quality of build and striking designs.

Swans are the perfect symbol of a loving relationship, elegant and beautiful, they also mate for life and it’s this romantic sentiment that makes these cards perfect for a range of occasions.

Family, friends & partners will love the card so much they will want to show it off at every opportunity and thanks to the 3D sculpture, the card looks right at home open or closed on a mantelpiece, bookshelf, table or desk.

Our swan cards are perfect for:

  • Engagement congratulations
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversaries
  • Wish you were here
  • To say ‘I love you’
  • Birthdays


The Materials, Sizes, Packaging

Materials & Quality

At CardPop we pride ourselves on our quality of build and the passion we have for our products.

Each card is intricately handmade with only the best designs.

Our cards are made with high-quality art paper imported from Italy, coming in a variety of colours.

To capture the swan scene perfectly, each piece is laser-cut and painstakingly hand-assembled to ensure the best quality finish possible.

Card Sizes

Our cards measure in 7 x 5 when folded flat.

Insert Notes

For convenience, a pull-out paper insert can be found in a snug pocket in the side of the card.

You can find plenty of space to write a personal handwritten message here.


We want to make sure your card avoids any damage in transit, so we package all of our products in sturdy poly bags with a blank envelope safely tucked inside.

What is a Popup Card & How Are They Made?

A popup card is a piece of art, packaged in the form of a thoughtful greetings card.

Using the ancient art of origami and kirigami, our cards are fun and expressive, excellently handcrafted using multiple layers of laser-cut paper slats to form a loving swan scene.

Once the 3D sculpture has been created, our craftsmen then carefully place and glue it to the centre of the page in a way that prevents damage.

Once opened, the 3D figure leaps from the page to offer a beautiful surprise to the recipient.

The card comes complete with its own envelope and a pull-out tab for handwritten messages.

Why Choose CardPop Cards?

At CardPop, we take great pride in the craftsmanship and care that goes into each and every one of our products.

From the concept, to design stage, we oversee each step to ensure we maintain our high standards of quality.

All of our cards are made using high-quality paper and each sculpture is intricately laser-cut and hand-assembled – meaning each card is truly unique while still maintaining perfect craftsmanship.

We create cards with the types of designs we would love to see in our own homes, with the best price on the market for the level of quality we offer.

We are also proud to call ourselves members of the Greeting Card Association.


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