Champagne Celebration Pop Up Card


Perfect for any Special Occasion Whether it’s a Man’s or Woman’s Birthday, Wedding, Promotion or any Champagne Worthy Celebration (there’s a lot of them).

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Get The Bubbles Flowing And The Happiness Going With Our Champagne Celebration Pop Up Card

The perfect card for any special occasion whether it’s a wedding, promotion or any champagne worthy celebration (there’s a lot of them)

Everyone loves a champagne shower, pretty much every special occasion features a bottle of bubbly. So what better way to celebrate with a double dose of the magic liquid?

The cover depicts a perfect blend of strokes to produce a glistening bottle of bubbly paired with a shining glass.
This is offset by a deep, rich green gradient to make it stand out.

Champagne Celebration 3D Pop Up Card UK


Upon opening the card, you’ll be presented with a champagne bottle bursting at the brim with golden bubbles, landing in a perfectly placed flute glass (there might be some spillage).
The bottle itself features a golden, shimmering label, the perfect combination with the overflowing bubbles.

Champagne Celebration 3D Pop Up Card UK


Although the cork is nowhere to be seen, you can be sure it was sent flying by the built up excitement that’s packed within this card!
Whatever you’re celebrating, whether it’s a wedding, graduation or any other ‘bubbly worthy’ occasion (there’s loads) you can rest easy knowing that the card is overflowing with celebration, joy and intricate attention to detail!

Perfect for:

  • Weddings
  • Bridal showers
  • Job promotions
  • Graduations
  • Bachelorettes
  • Anniversaries
  • New beginnings

This card is a true paper engineering masterpiece, and we believe a special occasion deserves an even more magical card.
So sit back, relax and pop open a bottle of bubbly knowing you’ll be putting a smile on the face of whoever opens it!

Celebrate the right way and make each moment more magical than before!

Order today and get those bubbles flowing!

Champagne Celebration 3D Pop Up Card UK



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