Birthday Pinata Pop Up Card

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Perfect to Celebrate Boy’s, Girl’s, Men’s & Women’s Birthdays.

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A Party Classic! Be Prepared For A Dual Surprise With Our Birthday Pinata Pop Up Card!

A pinata was always the pinnacle of a birthday party growing up, after all who doesn’t love whacking a pinata in exchange for sweets?

We’ve done our best to condense a party favourite into card form, introducing our vibrant pinata card, the perfect pop up birthday card!

The cover is painted in a gleaming, orange colour complete with soft, swift brush strokes to make the pinata really POP!

Birthday Pinata 3D Pop Up Card UK

However, the magic begins when you open it.

Your Pinata will spring into action, creating a pleasant surprise for whoever you’re giving it to!

The Pinata itself is placed bang in the middle on top of a colourful base, scattered with confetti, after all we tried to replicate an actual Pinata down to the tiniest details.
At CardPop we take immense care with little intricate details, we think of them like the icing on the cake.
For this card you’ll not only notice the confetti and flags, but also the colourful frills on the pinata itself!

Birthday Pinata 3D Pop Up Card UK

Perfect for:

  • Son’s Birthday
  • Daughter’s Birthday
  • Sister’s birthday
  • Brother’s Birthday
  • Family and Friend’s Birthday

It’s perhaps one of our most creative cards yet, a superb gift suitable for a wide array of birthday occasions, it’s bound to make their day!

We’re tired of boring, traditional cards and you probably are too!
This card really jumps out at you, providing a most welcome surprise.
Whoever opens it will be getting the surprise of their life!
This is what makes this card perfect for children and adults alike!

Birthdays are supposed to be full of surprises, presents and joy.
What better way to top it all off than one of our hand made, custom designed pop up cards.

Order today and make someone’s birthday that extra bit special!

WARNING! Don’t try and bash this card, there’s no sweets inside, you’ll just end up with a pop up card that doesn’t actually pop up.

Birthday Pinata 3D Pop Up Card UK



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Birthday Pinata 3D Pop Up Card UK
Birthday Pinata Pop Up Card
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